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The French name for the game of “rock paper scissors”, Roshambo brings a fresh vision to the classic diner. Few restauranteurs are as authentic and fun-loving as the crew at Unsukay and so with Roshambo we wrote a love letter to Atlanta. Small and narrow, the main dining room is found between a shotgun bar and large leather booths under a feature wall of the Atlanta skyline. With three layers of carved wood we share the evolution of the city over the last 50 years with views from the Jackson Street Bridge in 1970, 1996, and 2020. The “Side Hustle” dining room takes us back to grandma’s house though the subject matter on the plates is a bit different! A cassette tape installation nods to the countless hours spent pouring over vinyls and tapes at Turtle’s. This space evokes nostalgia, comfort, and no small amount of wit and wry.



Interior Design

Art Design & Curation

Branding Consultation




Atlanta, GA


November 2022

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