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MTH Pizza

MTH Pizza culminates a full culinary journey for the chefs at Unsukay.  With a successful family-friendly deli, gourmet restaurant, exclusive dinner club, and nationally acclaimed speakeasy all under their belts, the team wanted a casual neighborhood haunt
for their latest concept. Gourmet pies are served in funky digs with graffiti, eclectic grunge- inspired furnishings, and a disco ball spins to announce the release of the evening special. LTRS, renowned Atlanta street artist, created custom murals for the team with scenes from the Owners’ favorite films, local references, inside jokes, and the line that made it all happen, “I make the Dough but don’t call me Dough Boy”.

All are welcome but none may order pineapple.



Interior Design

Graffiti Commision



Atlanta, GA


October 2019

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